To educate and guide the teeming millions of the young generations in a most constructive and innovative way for nation building. To inculcate a spirit of confidence, self respect and to give them a deep insight into the State-of-the-Art and excellent education system. To develop in young generation a far sighted wisdom and understanding.

Our Mission

To harness technical education and technology in the service of mankind and to enable them to think globally and act nationally.

To ignite the latent potentialities of young and budding generation through cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-Art Academic Programmes.

To inculcate a sense of self-reliance and develop awareness of higher-self-in young generation.

To bring about innovation in education by restructuring courses, adopting novel methods of teaching and learning for multifaceted personality development.

To identify the excellent heritage of our great past and to link it with the grand future.

To cultivate and disseminate Knowledge by providing research and extention facilities.

To have a wider vision for the need based education system.